Live in Color!

The cold season is approaching, daylight is decreasing and the city is getting grayer. If this image leaves you feeling sad too well this article is just for you. There is a way to change this feeling! Have you ever heard of Chromotherapy?

It has been shown that color affects the mood. Every nuance has its own energy and its effect turning on different and unconscious reactions, both physically and psychically.

Chromotherapy (or color therapy), an ancient methodology, which has very distant origins and has always been part of Indian, Chinese and Tibetan traditions of alternative medicine. It is based on the benefits of colors for the treatment of disorders of various entities and allows you to restore balance and harmony between mind, spirit and body, because according to this care, the colors are able to influence the nervous, lymphatic, immune and metabolic system.

So if color is able to influence our mood and the well-being of our body, why not use it every day by carefully choosing our clothing? What color would you choose to dress today?

Why not stand in front of the wardrobe, assessing your morning mood and “taking care of it” through clothing of the right color, or accentuating it to enhance it, or selecting it in function of the activities that will be dealt with during the day?

During the cold season, the item of clothing that allows you to emanate and receive the right energy is the coat, which remains more “in sight”. The moment has arrived with Tenet Unique to bring the colors around the city and fill them with positive vibes with the most colorful coats of the moment!With “Chameleon” the colors can also be combined and changed from time to time depending on the needs, and so, like in music, where notes are put together to create a certain arrangement rather than another, the right harmony of positivity to deal with the negative moments, through your daily outfit.

Ready to introduce yourself to the world with the right color? ūüėČ

Find out more in the next articles on the benefits and meaning of each color.