The methods of payment accepted by Tenet Unique are: credit card (for example: VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Postepay) and PayPal.

The data relating to the card or access to a PayPal account are required at the moment of the conclusion of an order; however, the actual debit of the price, including transport costs, will take place only when the order has been processed by Tenet Unique and delivered to the courier for shipping.

All transactions will take place through a protected circuit. The specific technical and economic conditions relating to payment transactions, crediting and/or reimbursement are governed by the Pay Plug and PayPal payment terms and conditions, which should be referred to for further details.

Tenet Unique does not process any data related to the credit card used by the customer, or related to its access codes to the PayPal account. This information is collected directly from the chosen payment system.