The color Red

Stand in front of the wardrobe, evaluate your morning mood and “treat” it through the outfit of the right color, or accentuate it, or choose the right color based on your daily routine? Yes, because according to chromotherapy color acts both on us as well as it interacts with others.

This is the concept from which to start. There are many who claim that it really works! With time then it will be automatic to focus on one color rather than another, knowing also, therefore, which is best one to avoid.

Let’s take a look at Red!

It is the color of passion par excellence, of deep affectivity, of primordial impulses and of erotic corporeity. It is associated with the first chakra, but also linked to the element “earth” and symbolizes fire, sex, blood and life force. From the physical point of view it is used to increase blood pressure, accelerate the pulse and stimulate the adrenaline, because it is an exciting and, always according to chromotherapy, seems to be useful to reduce cough, asthma and diseases from cooling. From the psychological point of view it represents activity and extroversion, it helps you to be more talkative and open, for this reason useful against depressive states.

Therefore, red is the perfect color to wear to feel Audacious, Strong and Feminine.
Considering it functions as a stimulant, it helps the wearer to have greater determination to face the challenges of the day and increase self-esteem.
For the same reason, however, it is discouraged if you are a bit nervous, because it would accentuate this state of mind, or if you must remain focused on a delicate project which you are working on.

Moreover, in the coldest season, the garment that remains “in sight” and that represents your style, your look and your mood of the day, is the outerwear.

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